Effnet 5G Solutions

Effnet provides 5G Solutions for

  • OEMs/ODMs
    • Licensing of RAN software or its components (5G gNB CU-CP, 5G gNB CU-UP or 5G gNB DU) or the entire solution including 5G Core (compact)
  • Private networks
    • Enterprise, Rural
  • Industrial solutions
  • Non-terrestrial networks
  • Government and Military
  • Public Safety
  • Search and Rescue
  • Research/Labs
Effnet 5G Solutions

Effnet 5G Solutions, "Network-in-a-box"

Deployment Scenarios

Effnet 5G RAN software components enable different products (DU, RU+DU, DU+CU) and different deployment scenarios as shown below.


5G Scenario, DU, CU and UPF on the Edge (Multi-access edge computing)

DU, CU and UPF on the Edge (Multi-access edge computing)


5G Scenario, DU colocated with RU, CU at the Core

DU colocated with RU, CU at the Core

5G Scenario, DU on the Edge, CU at the Core

DU on the Edge, CU at the Core


5G Scenario, DU located near RU, CU at the Core

DU located near RU, CU at the Core

Private 5G networks

A private 5G network gives an organization the possibility to tailor its network according to its specific organizational needs. Effnets flexible 5G RAN software can run as containers on COTS hardware and thanks to its open interface support it is easy to set up.

Effnet 5G Solutions for 5G Private networks
5G Over Satellite, gNB and core on the ground

Both 5G gNB and Core Network on the ground


5G Over Satellite, gNB on satellite, core on the ground

5G gNB on the satellite and 5G Core Network on the ground

5G over Satellite

Effnet is working on adding support for Non-Terrestrial-Networks requirements, for example 5G over Satellite, in its 5G solution.


5G Over Satellite, edge in space

5G gNB and UPF on the satellite for edge computing or delay sensitive applications and 5G Core Network on the ground

5G Networks for government, military or public safety

Many scenarios like public safety, disaster relief and emergency services, lawful interception etc. require a quick deployment of a cell or a network. Effnet 5G network-in-a-box is a fully containerized solution with standardized and open interfaces including the following components:

  • 5G Core (compact)
  • 5G gNB CU-CP and 5G gNB CU-UP
  • 5G gNB DU

If required, the solution can alternatively be run with an off-the-shelf SDR instead of a commercial RU. This provides a quick and low-cost solution for specific use cases.

Effnet 5G Solutions


Containerized Solution


All Effnet 5G components can be run in Docker Containers/Pods, forming 5G VNFs, and can be conveniently orchestrated using e.g. Kubernetes

Supports standardized and open interfaces

The Effnet 5G solution components all support industry standard and open interfaces. This ensures ease of integration, interoperability between components from different vendors and makes for a future proof choice.

Effnet 5G open interface support includes:

  • 5G Core: NG-C and NG-U
  • CU-CP: NG-C, E1 and F1-C
  • CU-UP: NG-U, E1 and F1-U
  • DU: F1-U, F1-C and FAPI/nFAPI
  • Management (Netconf/YANG)
  • Performance: E2

Flexible and portable

  • COTS hardware (both ARM and Intel)
  • Highly portable and modular layer-wise implementation
  • All the layers in one thread or in multiple threads; allows for high flexibility and design as per target application
  • External memory handling allows easy integration with DPDK or similar solutions for efficient packet handling
Effnet 5G Solution, standard interfaces

End to end tested

The Effnet 5G solution is proven with multiple 5G SA devices as well as SimnovusĀ® 5G UE Simulator and multiple Radio units (BenetelĀ® and also SDRs from EttusĀ® - B210 and N310).


Effnet is a member of SONIC Labs.