Effnet HC-Sim™

The Effnet Header Compression Simulator is a product designed for simulating certain traffic and link conditions for testing various IP header compression algorithms like IPHC, CRTP, ROHC etc. It has been extensively used during interoperability and field tests of the Effnet Header Compression products.

General features

Effnet HC-Sim™ is a simulation environment for IP header compression with the following properties:

  • Reads test data from predefined test files created using a unique simulation language to describe the test case.
  • Generates packets with payloads and all kinds of headers compressible by IPHC, CRTP and ROHC. The packet generator is able to modify the packet flow between packets. The packet generator handles up to 100 different flows at the same time.
  • Enables actions to be applied to a certain packet in the flow, to reflect changes in the behaviour of the flow.
  • Logs both compressed and uncompressed packets so that test cases can be analyzed.
  • Optionally reads packet data from an external packet generator.
  • Optionally delivers the packets to an external destination after they have passed through the Effnet HC-Sim™.
  • Simulates link conditions of delays, errors, losses etc.
  • Runs either as a single process, or divided so that one HC-Sim process runs on one host, and communicates with another HC-Sim process on a second host.

Data Sheet

Effnet HC-Sim™ Data Sheet
Effnet HC-Sim™ Data Sheet

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