About us

Effnet was founded in Luleå, Sweden, in 1997 by scientists of the Luleå University of Technology with a goal to develop and commercialize new technologies for improving the performance of IP based networks.

The scale and rapid growth of Internet has speeded up adoption of IP-based networking over various communication links including wireless and wired. This is enabling users to access the same applications they use over Internet, any time any where. It is essential to reduce the overhead of IP protocol family including UDP, TCP, RTP etc. in order to use the scarce resource, spectrum and bandwidth, efficiently. Effnet Header Compression product family saves bandwidth and improves quality of service and experience of applications.

Through continued research and development efforts, Effnet has gained a unique expertise in IP header compression and its team has actively contributed to the standardization process. Effnet Header Compression product family based on advanced header compression algorithms was introduced during 2001. Since then it is growing in number of products and features as well as improving in quality and efficiency.

Effnet’s engineering team has long experience within header compression technologies which is reflected in the products and services provided to its customer. The team works closely with customers, right from the requirement analysis, consultation on application of header compression in wide range of networks, links, products and platforms, design and integration, testing and continued support once the product is rolled out.